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Code of conduct

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:32 am
by Bunchie3174
WFCRC Sunday B Rides
Although we don’t have ‘rules’ as such we do have guidance regarding social club runs.
1. The Sunday B ride is primarily a social event for club members and guests to enjoy a group ride and chat to like minded cyclists. Guide pace is between 20-27kph (12.5-16.5mph). It is suitable for riders who can achieve this pace for 2-3 hours riding. Sometimes we are faster, sometimes slower (such as in difficult weather conditions).
2. As the group has grown over the last couple of years I have provided a Strava route for riders to download onto their gps device. This isn’t for show, it’s to help you navigate home or to guide others in the event of an emergency. We aim to look after everyone equally but youth or less experienced riders take priority. Confident adult riders will be expected to have the gps file or a prior knowledge of the route and have a plan to get themselves home in an emergency.(we will assist with mechanicals but please bring tube, levers and a pump) We will give verbal route guidance en route so be attentive at all times. A few of us use an app called Life360 and are in the WFCRC group. It allows the user to be tracked by friends and family. It’s very useful if you are meeting the group part way through a route.
3. The ride is not a race or a training session. There will often be opportunities to ‘have a go’ at some segments on certain routes but you must be prepared to to wait for slower riders afterwards. We often have ‘extension’ tasks on each route for faster riders to stretch their legs. The group covers a large range of abilities and some will inevitably be faster and more confident than others. Every rider who has joined has shown an increase in speed and confidence and we pride ourselves on the ride providing that challenge to progress further. All of us enjoy the chat and a laugh and a cafe stop.
4. We are using public roads for the majority of these rides and, as such, we want to portray the club as a well run and polite group. We ride no more than 2 abreast and obey the rules of the road, no littering, no aggressive riding to antagonise others, and don’t scare horses. Be polite to other road users even if it’s not reciprocated. A smile and a wave goes a long way in building good links with the community.