What the letters and numbers mean on Sunday B-rides?

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What the letters and numbers mean on Sunday B-rides?

Post by TimT » Mon Jul 02, 2018 8:42 pm

Sunday B rides organised by the club are normally labelled to provide you with extra information

For example:
C66 Pershore Petit Fondo (96.75km) 9

The prefix A,B etc refers to the overall length of the ride.
  • A = up to 40km
  • B = up to 69km
  • C = up to 99km
  • D = up to 160km
  • and so

This is mainly to help sort the rides in some kind of order along with the ID number.

The ride name/text usually refers to the main destination of the route and the full distance of the route if ridden from start to finish.

Lastly the number at the end refers to the relative climbing i.e 9 or 15 or 13 for instance.
This is the vertical meters climbed divided by the distance of the route.
A 9 is relatively flat without many hills, a 15 can have some challenging climbs.
The higher this number the hillier the ride is.
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